3D Runner Game Template. Meta Spark AR, Instagram

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3D Runner Game Template. Meta Spark AR, Instagram

Oleksii Surnin
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This template is designed for AR Developers, designers and creatives. No need to waste time creating, testing game mechanics - with this template you can create a fully customized 3D Runner Game in minutes!

Easy and powerful. You can:

- Create your own objects and obstacles, adjust spawn chances and collider sizes.

- Select flat or radial tiling style

- Change camera view angles

- Set tap, nod, blink or open mouth events to jump

- Change jump height

- Adjust sensitivity, smoothing and range of player movement

- Set maximum amount of health points

- Customize tiles movement. Set initial speed, speed multiply interval, speed multiplier, tile sizes, number of active tiles on scene

- Fully customize audio system

- Change object spawn logic. Set min and max spawn interval, spawn position and movement scenario

- Create additional mini games

Documentation: https://template-docs.arey.es/3d-runner.pdf

Try it! https://instagram.com/a/r/?effect_id=618176495442621

Check actual template status and updates: https://templates.arey.es

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I want this!

You will get a simple template for creating your own Instagram game. Ready to upload


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